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5 Little Things to Do This Morning to Make You Happy for the Rest of the Day


It’s raining, you have nothing to wear and you slept terribly last night. There’s a lingering anxiety in your chest because next week’s giant project deadline at work is looming. And, on top of it all, you can’t seem to shake this feeling of “not doing the right things in your life.” Le sigh.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all woken up and felt irritated, not productive enough, too stressed, overly tired and simply hopeless for the day ahead.

But life is now and you deserve to be happy. You can shift your thoughts back to gratitude. You have the power to make what you want to feel a reality.

On the days you wake up and nothing feels right, here’s 5 ways to shift back to happiness – FAST! and bonus? You’ll make another person feel happy, too.

1.) WHAT TO DO: Buy the person behind you at the coffee shop a caffeinated drink of their choice.

Paying-it-forward is a powerful act of kindness which carries a domino effect. Small gestures can create radical love and unexpected positivity. You can change not only your own day, but also the day of the person who receives your gift.

HOW YOU’LL FEEL: Giving without wanting something back is a powerful feeling.

Simply put, you will learn that you have the power to create your own joy.

2.) WHAT TO DO: Make a phone call to the happiest person you know … and thank them for their gifts to the world.

Cheerleaders deserve to receive cheerleading, too. Call the person in your life that just always seems so cheerful, optimistic, and supportive. Thank them for always brightening your day. Then, turn the tables and ask them how you can support them. Is there anything tough going on? Could they use a coffee date to talk about it?

HOW YOU’LL FEEL: By offering positivity, you will feel positivity.

By presenting space for this cheerleader in your life to open up about what’s real, you’re creating an intimate, cherished space that will connect you deeper and allow you to work your muscles of love, support and encouragement. Even the simple opening of the door can work wonders.

3.) WHAT TO DO: Write 10 reasons why your life is rocking for 2014 on your smart phone.

Similar to affirmation writing, declaring what simply rocks about your life right now anchors your mind back to the reality of your awesomeness and out of the insecurities of your unloving thoughts.

Declare awesomeness about your job, your accomplishments, your goals, your relationships, your home, your vacations, your dreams, your cute new pair of shoes! Dare yourself to write all 10 things down in one sitting… and allow yourself to write more.

HOW YOU’LL FEEL: Whatever bits of joy you feel inclined to celebrate, do it before you begin the day and you’ll see how the energy of your list creates an even larger list than before.

Prepare to attract powerful feelings, people and synchronistic events into your day after writing this list!

4.) Write a handwritten note to your coworker, boss or employee and leave it on their desk with a small treat.

Remember what it was like to receive Valentines in elementary school? Well, that’s the same feeling you’ll impart on a coworker / boss / employee by leaving them a handwritten note and treat! A snickers bar or a tulip can work magic.

HOW YOU’LL FEEL: After breaking through the slightly uncomfortable feeling of leaving a random note for someone at the office, you’ll realize that you’re creating a positive connection that will serve you both.

You’ll feel empowered knowing that you’ve taken a step beyond the water cooler chit chat, and that you’re creating a better work environment for everyone in the office.

5.) Update Facebook with the question, “What is the best thing that happened to you this week? Please share / brag / boast your celebration in the comments!”

Want to create joy in your news feed and from people toward you? Ask this simple question every few weeks to get the celebratory conversation going.

This is your chance to shift out of the negative “woe-is-me” update with a positive, uplifting and productive update that’s about your friends and followers and NOT about you! Be prepared to witness communication on your news feed like you’ve never seen before, simply because you’ve shifted from “me” to “you.”

HOW YOU’LL FEEL: Absolutely fantastic.

You’re feeling powerful because you created space for people to share on your page, as if you were the go-to girl for the let’s-celebrate-life party. Your friends will thank you with private messages, texts and “great idea” comments on the status update. Plus, you’ll feel amazing seeing the inspiring things your friends old and new are up to.


Need a way to focus on just you? Meditation is the daily practice I turn to for happiness, peace and a sense of security within.

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