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SammyD About

Samantha “Sammy D” Davis is a high energy and enthusiastic motivational speaker on the power of positive thinking with the goal to empower all women to feel beautiful, powerful, and special.

Sammy has spoken on behalf of the Institute for American Values (IAV) at KIPP charter schools and on the stages of ACTIVATE America, Levo League, Goodwill New Jersey/New York, Etsy, Reinvestment Weekend, #Speaklife Women’s Entrepreneurship Tour, Girl Connection Conference, Prana House Yoga, Midwest E-commerce eBay & Amazon Conference, Bob Mackie, NYC Housing Works, and more.

Her wildly successful 2015 Positive Energy Tour attracted hundreds of women to her events across the country, including New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Durham, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. In 2014 she authored LOVE YOUR LIFE!, the best-selling workbook helping readers use the tenets of positive thinking and secret wisdom behind the law of attraction to create a life they love.

Throughout her career as a writer, speaker and video personality/host to help women build confidence and self-esteem, Sammy has been a student of positive thinking, vedic and vipassana meditation and A Course in Miracles, a self-study curriculum for spiritual transformation. She is a student at the New York chapter of Philosophy Works and has completed transformational coursework in leadership, vision planning and women’s empowerment with the Los Angeles chapter of Mastery in Transformational Training.

In 2013, Sammy founded Lipstick Affirmations, a viral social media campaign of affirmations written with a pen to share a motivational message of self-love, and are each “sealed with a kiss” using her favorite shade of lipstick.

She is designer of AFFIRMATION APPAREL, including totes, tees, tanks and hoodies designed with a motivational message to inspire everyone to “let go of the need to be perfect today,” which have been featured on leading fashion blogs and in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sammy currently lives in New York City and when not writing or lecturing, can be found meditating, running or swimming in her favorite urban sanctuary: Central Park.

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Sammy Davis headshotMy Mission

I serve to help the world feel peace now through the power of affirmation writing, authentic vulnerability and letting go of the need to be perfect.

Why do I believe this? Because …


A few years ago, I stumbled onto a TEDx talk by spiritual leader Gabby Bernstein. In the video she shared her spiritual journey and how A Course in Miracles set her on a transformational path of loving herself and her life fully, authentically and awesomely.

I wanted that.

I wanted that SO bad I broke into tears and immediately logged onto Amazon and ordered A Course in Miracles. 

Two weeks later the massive blue book with archaic writing on the front landed with a thump! in my mailbox.

I tentatively opened this big ‘ole book. I’d never even read the Bible before, but there I was, excitedly turning its pages and underlining, re-reading, re-citing and writing out passages on other pieces of paper. I’d even take my iPhone and type out verses in my notes app for reference later.

The Course resonated with me. I got it. I felt it. I believed it.

And I began to realize, to remember, to be rejuvenated by the fact that …

we are not here to fear life … we are here to love it.

Ariana Hunter captured Sammy Davis posing with "follow the good energy in you"

And why is that your truth?

Because we were born from love, and that we were born to love. That we were born to feel good. That we were born as the source of infinite joy, peace and abundance!

You are more powerful, beautiful and special than you think.

Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to share my mission with you. Thank you for sharing this space with me. And thank you –  dear creature of love & light! – thank you for giving attention to what you wish to grow in life.

Because you were born to love, be loved and shine love. That is your birthright, your blessing, your SPARK. 

And if you ever forget … don’t worry! I’m here to help remind you with powerful exercises, motivations, affirmations and workshops to lead you back to the light.

It’s time to #loveyourlife. Are you ready to shine that flame bright?

xx, Sammy D