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Vote for the New Affirmation for Summer 2015 AFFIRMATION APPAREL

affirmation apparel by sammy davis

affirmation apparel by sammy davis


VOTE FOR the WINNING AFFIRMATION for the New Line of Affirmation Apparel 2015

Last February I released my first series of tees, tanks and hoodies featuring my signature affirmation of self-love and acceptance rooted in positive growth: “I’ve let go of the need to be perfect today.”

Due to popular demand (aka everyone asking me when I’m re-releasing my apparel!) I’ve decided to have YOU choose the next winning affirmation!

Choose your favorite from below and be sure to include your email so that I can send you a discount code when the campaign launches in July.

Don’t like my options? Suggest your own! Who knows, your affirmation just may be “the chosen one.”

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#loveyourlife, xx Sammy


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