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I Am a Rockstar on the Stage of My Life

a lipstick affirmation for women, i am a rockstar on the stage of my life

Affirmation: I am a rockstar on the stage of my life.

I call people rockstars all the time. If you get to know me personally, inevitably I’ll call you one: it’s a term of endearment from me for you that I LOVE saying!

But you know what I realized, I never ONCE have felt that I’m a rockstar?! I get on stage but more like the MC / host and not “the star”.

Which is what happens sometimes in life: we aren’t really feeling the limelight of our personal stages, we are more standing stage right and occasionally stepping toward the mic to “introduce the next act”.

So let’s acknowledge that we are the STARS of our life. That we get to shine on everyone because everyone we meet on our paths is part of our supportive, loyal audience. That we get to sing songs of love and success and hope and fear – the spectrum of emotions in life – and each song is a HIT, just like both happy and sad times are meant to inspire and move us purposely forward.

Rock out today, and play your songs because they were written for you. We are all stars, and yes, I am one of them too.


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