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I Am Allowed to Stop

lipstick affirmation for women, i am allowed to stop

Affirmation: I am allowed to stop.

Stop. Drop. Roll. The secret to saving yourself from a fire is to first stop.

Which relates to life, too – when we see a fire begin to burn, what is the first thing we should do? Stop. And stopping doesn’t mean give up. Stopping means letting go of what isn’t serving you.

What truly isn’t working, what truly isn’t moving you anywhere, what truly isn’t allowing you to take care of your basic human needs. And may I repeat: to stop anything in life isn’t to give up: it’s to change course.

Which is why after stopping, you drop and then you roll. You do something different because what was the same wasn’t working for you. Today I am analyzing what isn’t working for me and stopping it. I’m focusing on priorities, and stopping what isn’t a priority right now.

What in your life can you stop to change course and allow for everything else to work more in favor for you? You are allowed to stop because you are allowed to take care of you.


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