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I Am Loving More Because I Am Learning More

a lipstick affirmation for women, i am loving more because i am learning more

Affirmation: I am loving more because I am learning more.

If you’re anything like me, you get to let go of the need to THINK you’re perfect and look at all of your mistakes, accidental actions and impulsive decisions as blessings. Because no one is perfect and we all get to be challenged with learning, because we all get to have more loving.

As I recognize that the path we’re on asks us to GROW and not just STAY THE SAME, I’m embracing that yeah, sometimes growing has pain but honestly, growing is evidence of our love for ourselves, each other and life.

Because we are putting ourselves OUT there and not just sitting around at home twiddling our thumbs. If we want to live a loving life, we get to live a learning life. So today I remind you that any hard lesson is a gift of love.

Whether “right” or “wrong” – all learning is always all love. Love your lessons, love your life.


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