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I Am My Best Answer

lipstick affirmation for women, i am my best answer

Affirmation: I am my best answer!

Self reliance! Self trust! Knowing yourself and your heart’s truest desires that are right for you!

What would life be like if decisions were effortless, allowed you to happily flow and good things to happily flow to you? Trusting yourself. It is a lesson I’m excitedly learning and which has given me a beautiful surge of power, love and connection with the world around me.

When I know that I am my best answer, indecision, tension and aggravated thoughts FADE AWAY! I’m more present to serve myself with a clean head and heart: and when I can easily serve myself then I can easily serve others.

Today I encourage us to trust our instincts. To do what we really want — because it makes us happy and our happiness allows us to bless others with light. You’ve got a light switch.

Trust yourself and turn it on today.


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