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I Am Standing in My Steps of Success

lipstick affirmation for women, i am standing in my steps of success

Affirmation: “I am standing in my steps of success.”

Today we celebrate. We celebrate how far we’ve come and the steps that have brought us here, to this very moment, reading these very words. Often we forget to reflect on our greatness.

We focus on the “next” steps before even acknowledging the steps of success we currently stand in. Wherever you’re standing or sitting right now, feel your greatness in that place.

Realize that so much had to happen for you to be where you are, and yes!! You created it all. And where you are is leading you exactly where you need to be, because with gratitude we create more things to be grateful for.

We are all standing in the steps of our success. Remember this and keep walking forward with that skip – and trust me, you’ll be just fine, and yes, you will just shine. 


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