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I Am Surrounded by Support

lipstick affirmation for women, i am surrounded by support

Affirmation: I am surrounded by support.

Do you ever feel like you have to do EVERYTHING by yourself?

Or that people show up in your life, contribute a little, and then walk away when times get tough? When what we want continues to show up in our lives it’s because we keep thinking it will.

We focus on the past: the past that didn’t serve us with support, help and trust. So to affirm your NEW present you deserve to believe that you already are supported by all the people around you.

That even the people who historically haven’t done ONE thing to help you – despite what you do for them – are going to step up and be your new angels. Sounds crazy – but it works.

Affirmation writing is one part self talk and one part self belief changing. Are you beliefs limiting? Reverse them. Keep speaking, writing and calibrating on what you want to have in your life as if it’s already there.

Today we are surrounded by support.

xx, Sammy

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