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I Can Believe in Myself More Than Anyone Else Today

lipstick affirmation for women, i can believe in myself more than anyone else today

Affirmation: I can believe in myself more than anyone else today.

I’ve found that the truth to personal growth and successful completion of goals is to believe in yourself MORE than anyone else ever can or will.

Your actions are inspired not by the *words* of motivation from others, but by the *feelings* these words inspire you to have which provoke YOUR intentional action.My daily #lipstickaffirmations are meant to inspire your #powerwithin which IS that unbreakable, unshakable belief in you. And with a fortress of faith, your actions can’t be stopped – so you take them. You not only take them, but you have unwavering confidence in their results… “good” or “bad.”

Because when you believe in yourself more than anyone else, constraints create your creativity, there’s purpose in your pain and success in every small step.The core of #powerwithin is exactly this #affirmation. I see it in you because you see it in yourself.

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xx, Sammy

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