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I Can Produce Without Proving

lipstick affirmation for women, i can produce without proving

Affirmation: I can produce without proving.

I’m full of sh*t about my accomplishments when my ego takes over. It’s become natural for me to brag, interject what “I’ve done,” add “my two cents” about my experience to someone else’s.

Dear God … I pray for humbleness.

I’m not the only one, and I say this with love: my sense of being can be more peace, more love, more “productivity” when I’m not living my life to PROVE something. I’m alive already… Why do I need to prove what’s already true?

The most successful people can be the unhappiest because they base their self worth on how much they are seen, celebrated, applauded, etc.

So today I encourage you and I encourage me to connect with what we love about us without needing to prove it to anyone else: No one else’s opinion, knowledge, understanding matters. Only ours.

And when we can be from a place of *our own love,* we can be whoever we want… No “proof” necessary.

xx, Sammy

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