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I Can Smile for No Reason Today

lipstick affirmation for women, i can smile for no reason today

Affirmation: I can smile for no reason today.

Last night I was leaving the laundry mat and passed a woman who was just SMILING.

She wasn’t wearing headphones, she wasn’t carrying flowers or a gift, and it was 8:30 at night, when most people are exhausted from work and the hustle of traveling in NYC. But there she was grinning like she was chilling on the white sands of a Caribbean beach with a fruity drink in her hand. When I witness someone’s smile without reason, I’m reminded to smile without reason too.

I’m smiling as I type these very words — and it feels GOOD! Letting go of attachment for “reason to smile” gives us permission to smile all the dang time.

We can take a deep breath, look up at the sky and think, “Man. This moment is AWESOME. Look how far I’ve come and I wonder where the heck I’m going?!”

A smile without reason is the definition of bliss. Because no one can take that away from you – and like the woman on the streets of Harlem last night – you can give that gift away with infinite measure, creating a domino effect of positive energy and appreciation for the moment.

Today I encourage you to smile without reason. Do it right now as you read this, do it when you see yourself in the mirror, do it when you put cream in your coffee, take a sip and think, “dude, this day is POWER.”

Your #powerwithin is always present. Smile it to the world today.

xx, Sammy

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