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I Serve Myself First to Serve Others Always

lipstick affirmation for women, i serve myself first so that i may serve others always

Affirmation: I serve myself first so that I may serve others always.

Tough affirmation today! Who can relate to the feeling that they must help with everything, say yes to everything, make everything and more happen all at the same time cause hey, people need us and if we aren’t there then we’re letting them down?!

I’ve been there, but I know too that I don’t need to be there.

And why is that? Because when we can’t serve ourselves we can’t serve anyone else. It’s the old point that I’ve been hearing often since moving to Los Angeles: give yourself the oxygen mask in the airplane first before trying to help others with theirs.

This is why today and everyday I encourage you to pause before a yes, give a “let me think about it,” reply or just honestly and authentically allow yourself to do LESS so that you may do MORE for you and that creates focused loving energy you can apply to whenever or wherever you happen to be giving your gifts to the world.

It’s up to us to take care of me. I give you permission to take care of yourself so that you may empower others with your example to do the same for them.

Be there for you first and see the miracles for others unfold next.


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