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I’m Living in a Heaven Called Earth

lipstick affirmation for women, i'm living in a heaven called earth

Affirmation: I’m living in a heaven called earth.

I believe that heaven is a place on earth. In fact, it IS earth. It is not a picture in the clouds, or a place we find in the afterlife, or the reward for living a saintly existence in this physical world.

Heaven is not unreachable for *anyone* because heaven is around us RIGHT NOW. But like everything in life, we must *choose* to live as if this world were heaven. We must choose to see the divine in earth’s design.

We must choose to see the magnificence in our bodies, our minds, our hearts. We must choose to spread our wings and fly THIS lifetime… And not wait around to get our feathers in some “holy heaven” that comes only after we’ve exhausted our stay here. Whatever your spiritual practice, choosing to embrace life like a place in heaven promises more inner peace, power and prosperity.

And that is what we born to be: unlimited #powerwithin. There’s no need to “wait” or “atone” so that we may receive this #powerwithin someday in the future – if heaven is earth, we already ARE that power!

Do me a favor and scratch around your back – your mind – your heart. You’ve got wings! But like one of my fav musical artists INXS sings, “I told you that we could fly / ‘Cause we all have wings / But some of us don’t know why.”

Today I encourage you to look at your life like a slice of heaven and remember your wings. Let me know what good feelings, things and experiences happen to you because of this perspective.


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