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My Connection is My Perfection

lipstick affirmation for women, my connection is my perfection

Affirmation: My connection is my perfection.

This Lipstick Affirmations is thanks to a friend, who inspired me with this catchy line.

I’m unapologetically caught back in the #perfection trap. When I get stressed I go into perfection seeking auto pilot. As if trying to make things “just so” with as much control as possible will decrease my stress.

Wacky, right? But connection is allowing things to be as they are without a tight grip. Like a conversation where we don’t judge what we say, thinking we’re “stupid.”

Or completing a task because it makes us smile, not upset because it’s not the “best it can be.”

Or just going with the flow and letting go of the need to change or fight the flow. That’s connection which matters and the moment of letting go is the moment of perfection – of connecting with yourself as you are now and not what you “think you should be.”

Connection is perfection when you are loving as you are. For the rest of this west coast day I am perfection. Join me.


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