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My Integrity is My Best Investment

lipstick affirmation for women, my integrity is my best investment

Affirmation: My integrity is my best investment.

No one is perfect, but we don’t have to lie about it either. Today I’m connecting with my honest, vulnerable self and speaking, sharing and collaborating in pure truth.

This means not talking around / justifying my mistakes, communicating REALLY what I mean to say and owning it, and not getting defensiveness if hey, what I feel and what I say stands corrected.

Because we can’t grow or experience all their is to life if we hide our imperfections from the world. To say and be it all with loving honesty is human and is the best investment in our lives. We grow with integrity and stay stale with lies.

Today I encourage us to go out on a limb and practice integrity even when it hurts. Because if it didn’t hurt you wouldn’t be growing, and if you weren’t growing you wouldn’t be truly living.

xx, Sammy

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