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The Person I Am is Creating the Person I Wish to Be

lipstick affirmation for women, the person i am is creating the person i wish to be

Affirmation: The person I am is creating the person I wish to be.

There’s been so many moments in my life where I’ve thought something was “wrong” with me. And chances are you’ve felt the same many times too.

We think that to “become” a better person tomorrow, we must change our “wrongs” today.

What I’ve found is that for ANY radical change to happen – be it serious (dropping drug/alcohol use, leaving an abusive partner, getting out of debt) to subtle (finding focus, saying “no” to things we don’t want, accepting our cosmetic ‘flaws’ as beauty marks), that the shift doesn’t come from acknowledging the WRONG in ourselves. The shift comes from PRAISING THE RIGHT. Which is why I will always try to avoid telling someone what they are NOT.

Because that doesn’t make anyone feel good, and in order to BE good one must FEEL good. So how can I expect to inspire positive change of myself or anyone else with criticism?

So today I encourage you to make yourself feel good… *not* bad. How? By affirming that everything you are IS good and therefore is creating MORE good.

In other words: the person you already are is creating the person you believe you should be. Be that good now and you won’t just “believe”… you will “just be.”

xx, Sammy

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