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We Were Each Born a Miracle

lipstick affirmation for women, we were each born a miracle

Affirmation: We were each born a miracle.

Today is my 28th birthday and I couldn’t be more excited!

Each day is rebirth, and each year is wisdom revealed. We are each a miracle on this planet, because the odds against our lives are far greater than for. Think about it: All the dotted lines that had to connect for your existence – woah. Just your parents meeting and conceiving you is a miracle in itself.

So as I celebrate my birthday today I celebrate the miracle that is my life and our shared existence today. Because odds say we shouldn’t be here – but here we are!! – must mean we are pretty powerful people.

We were destined to thrive. Today I am 28 and today, we are each a miracle. Thank you for your birthday wishes and inspiring my life mission. I am happiness for you.


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