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Who I Am Knows What I Need

lipstick affirmation for women, who i am knows what i need

Affirmation: Who I am knows what I need.

I don’t support making impulsive decisions – although yes I’ve been there – but I do support making the right decision for YOU. A dear friend once told me that next to oxygen, indecision is the second most free flowing energy on the planet.

Because so often we just “can’t decide.” We think and we analyze and we get lost in the mud of mind aggravating uncertainty. But what if we just turned inward, listened closely and did exactly what we knew was best for us?

I believe that self reliance is a muscle we all get to work on. We deserve to ask for help and advice from others, but ultimately, we get to decide for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if it’s “right” or “wrong.” It matters that it’s what feels best for us. Because only we know ourselves, but we have to allow ourselves to trust ourselves too. And that, I believe, is the missing link to independent happiness. A feeling of security and dare I say it, sanity, that we can create for ourselves simply by trusting who we are and what we need.

Today I encourage you to make a decision that feels right – not looks right, or was told to you is right, etc. Because we get to make decisions not only to trust but to teach ourselves – and that, I believe, is why to know who you are and trust who you are is truly to live the path you were destined to walk, no matter the “good” or “bad” that shows up along the way.