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LOVE YOUR LIFE! 7 Secrets to Using the Power of Positive Thinking & Law of Attraction to Create the Dream Life for You


LOVE YOUR LIFE! is one-part motivational, one-part magical and full-parts transformational for anyone curious as to how they can activate the power of their minds to “change the way they look at things so that the things they look at change” (Wayne Dyer).

Sammy Davis is a unique cocktail of Pollyanna-meets-Ellen-Degeneres with the goal to empower all women to feel powerful, beautiful and special.

She does exactly that and more in LOVE YOUR LIFE!, a joyride read sharing the 7 secrets of positive thinking to create and attract a life the reader will love to live.

Those willing to do the inside work outlined with this book’s written exercises and activities will be rewarded with a more positive outlook on life and its infinite opportunity. As a result of focusing on “feeling good,” they will attract more of that good energy to them in whatever shape or form they desire.

LOVE YOUR LIFE! readers will learn:

★ The 7 Secrets to Positive Thinking for Positive Creation

★ Law of Attraction How-Tos

★ Manifestation Exercises

★ Tools, Tips & Tricks to Vibrate on Positive Energy

★ How to Shift from “Feeling Bad” to “Feeling Good”

★ Why They Are More Powerful, Beautiful & Special Than They Think

Sammy wrote LOVE YOUR LIFE! to help reveal what the reader’s purpose, passion and positive perspective toward life really can be, which ultimately leads to self-fulfillment, self-love and happiness for no reason but just to be happy.

The 7 Secrets of Positive Energy

★ Secret #1. Change Your Self-Concept

★ Secret #2. Shift Your Energy

★ Secret #3. Create Consciously

★ Secret #4. Declare Abundance & Affirm It’s Already Here

★ Secret #5. Take Awesome Action

★ Secret #6. Gratitude is Your Attitude

★ Secret #7. Meditation Manifests Your Magic

100+ Tips, Tricks & Exercises

Featuring …

★ Seeing and shifting your thoughts from “negative” to “positive”

★ How to make a vision board that manifests your goals

★ Writing affirmations for confidence and clarity

★ Meditation technique, apps and resources

★ Goal-setting to attract abundance and opportunities

★ Writing your obituary: The power of thinking from the end

★ Positive music playlists and daily checklist actions to stay at high vibration

★ Much, much more!!


love your life ebook




About Sammy D

 ★ Positive Thinking Advocate ★ Affirmations Evangelist ★ Second Hand Stylist & Scholar ★ Inspirational Speaker, Author & Host ★

Samantha “Sammy D” Davis is an inspirational speaker on the power of positive thinking with the goal to empower all women to feel beautiful, powerful, and special.

Her Message

Sammy serves to help the world feel peace now through the power of affirmation writing, authentic vulnerability and letting go of the need to be perfect.

Sammy leads one-on-one and group coaching sessions using affirmation writing and transformational exercises to help women feel more confident and optimistic in all areas of their lives.

Her teaching focuses on positive thinking to access and actualize a person’s inherent power.  She believes that once a person realizes this power within, they can create all they wish to create in the world and rise above whatever circumstances feel beyond their control.

Her Platform

Sammy is founder of the social media campaign Lipstick Affirmations (handwritten affirmations sealed with a kiss), motivational product THE AFFIRMATION TOTE and NYC-based sisterhood circle *SPARK SISTERS.

A passionate public speaker, Sammy has spoken life, love and positivity from the stage of the NY Times Center, at the New York City offices of General Assembly, from the runway of a secondhand fashion show for the distressed community of Fort Plain, New York and to teen students working for a brighter future at KIPP charter schools and Creative Startup Weekend at New York University. She is a frequent speaker at workshops, organizational meet-ups and retreats.

Her online show, *SAMMYD TV, features dozens of candid interviews with experts and thought leaders who stand for positive energy and confident action in all facets of an individual’s life.

Her Purpose

Her life’s purpose is to empower the world to live and take action with love and compassion for themselves, each other and their infinite potential as miracles born here on planet Earth.

Interview Sammy D



Sammy was blessed to learn the power of positive thinking at a young age.

According to her father who helped to deliver her, she was “born laughing.”

But this doesn’t mean she was always so happy-go-lucky. Since deciding to become a professional journalist at age 16, she’s stepped, tripped and fallen on the path of living her authentic self and discovering the power of her mind to create a life she truly loves.

Having hit and overcome the mental roadblocks which are an inevitable part of growing up and fearlessly living life, she’s learned how to gracefully fall and stand back up with a smile on her face (and a pair of secondhand stilettos on her feet).

 Sammy openly shares stories of eating, exercise and ambition disorders which she’s experienced on her personal path of learning and growing into the woman she is today.

She strives to help women see “success in their struggle” and “purpose in their pain” so that a positive attitude allows them to access their power, beauty and specialness within to overcome the obstacles.


She is available for video, podcast and print interviews beginning 10.14.14. Contact her Sammy@SammyD.TV.

Sammy is available for interviews on the following subject matter to promote the release of LOVE YOUR LIFE!

LOVE YOUR LIFE! Specific Talking Points

★ eBook Keynote: The 7 Secrets of Positive Thinking & Attraction

★ Stillness in Strength: How Meditation Manifests

★ Exercises to Trust Your Authentic Self

★ Letting Go of the Need to Be Perfect

★ The Power of Positive Thinking

★ How to Write Affirmations to Attract What You Want

★ The Gift of Gratitude

★ How and Why You Should Make Vision Boards

★ How to Love Your Life NOW


love your life ebook




Praise for LOVE YOUR LIFE!

“Sammy is a barrel of juicy rainbows wrapped in life-giving empowerment and personal strength. She passes this magic on to us with her generous offering of personal development mojo, LOVE YOUR LIFE! Like Davis, this book is a tour de force of positive energy, coaching us from each page to live our best lives. Consider her a Law of Attraction guru. If your life is not where you want it to be, you can’t afford not to read this book.”

– Abiola Abrams, Author of The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love and founder of

LOVE YOUR LIFE! is a shot of positive energy to the soul, reminding us all that we have a choice about our reaction and responses to every moment in live. Read this book and empower yourself with a more positive perspective.”

– Christine Hassler, Best-selling author of Expectation Hangover, inspirational speaker and life coach

“Sammy D. is 100% the next voice for the Law of Attraction. Her energy and passion shine through in all she writes. This book helped me find my joy again. This is a must read for everyone.”

– Carla Wynn Hall, Founder of Sacred Heart Publishing and author of Empowered Women of Social Media

“Sammy shows us all that positive thinking is where the magic begins. Her exercises are mind-changers and life-changers. Be prepared to learn what it is to love your life.”

– Lucinda Cross, Best-selling author and founder of ACTIVATE America

Praise for Sammy


★ “Sammy facilitated an affirmation writing workshop at Reinvestment Weekend, a personal development retreat for budding women leaders. Each of the woman walked away from the exercise having written 10 of their own affirmations, and raving about Sammy’s compassionate and energetic personality. She certainly put a bow on our amazing and transformational weekend. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Malaika Carpenter, founder, Reinvestment Weekend

★ “Sammy lives her truth and has the gift of being able to help others live theirs. She makes you see that your unique gifts – your truth! must be shared with the world – nakedly, courageously and joyfully. Sammy will teach you to embrace your gifts, conquer your fear and gift the world with that light that you were born to shine.”

– Michele McGlone, owner, Emotional Outlet Consignment

★ “Sammy is one of the happiest people I know, and her abundant joy is rivaled only by her deep desire to help and inspire others. With her accessible wisdom and playful teachings, Sammy reminds you that anything is truly possible.”

– Robyn Moreno, lifestyle expert, author & founder Pockets of Pretty


love your life ebook

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