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How “Empowered Women of Social Media” Hit #1 on Amazon: EP #19 *SAMMYD TV

carla wynne hall empowered women of social media

This episode of *SAMMYD TV shares how an inspired woman from Alabama built an e-publishing empire which helped the voices of 44+ women reach #1 bestselling status on Amazon.

Empowered Women of Social Media: 44+ Stories of Women Finding Their Voices Through the Power of Social Media reached #1 in multiple categories, including biographies for women and #2 motivational / self – help.

I interview published Carla Wynne Hall on her journey from domestic abuse to creating a platform for healing which led to the publishing success of Empowered Women of Social Media. 

You can buy the book on Amazon for only $.99 here. 

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • The stories of struggles & success behind this bestselling eBook
  • When Carla knew she wanted to publish the book (it was a middle-of-the-night epiphany!)
  • Why every woman deserves to believe her voice matters
  • What it took to publish the book and push it to the top of the Amazon charts

Watch the episode to remember the power of your voice and your journey. It is more powerful, beautiful, special and healing for others’ than you think.


empowered women of social media


Empowered Women of Social Media: 44+ Stories of Women Finding Their Voices Through Power of Social Media.

A BEST SELLING BOOK at #1 in multiple categories, including biographies for women, #2 motivational / self – help, and MORE!

I am one of the writers! In Empowered Women of Social Media, you can read the story of how I quit my day job at 5 years ago to pursue the road less traveled with a mission to serve through the power of this digital age.

I tackled my greatest fears (not having a job, letting down my parents, doing the “wrong” thing) so that I could more fully experience this beautiful thing called life. And despite the hardships I’ve experienced, I have no regrets.

Buy the book on Amazon here. 

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