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Meditation 101: Sign Up for Episode #6 of *SAMMYD TV with Ritu Ashrafi!

meditation 101 episode 6 with sammyd tv

Meditation 101: Sign Up! 

Does meditating conjure images of little fat buddhas sitting cross-legged and cross-eyed with a goofy smile on their faces?

Have you tried meditating, only to give up because “you can’t not think” or worse, sitting in stillness just gives you a headache?

Ritu Ashrafi of is a certified meditation instructor living in Australia who will guide us through the power of discovering a meditation practice that actually works, all on Episode 6 of *SAMMYD TV! 

Join Ritu Ashrafi and Sammy Davis in episode #6 of *SAMMYD TV, which will introduce you to the basics of meditation 101 including the who, what, where, when and how of meditating in a modern world for the busy (but blessed!) woman.

Sign up above to be emailed a link to the episode so that you can join in LIVE and participate in a guided meditation led by Ritu Ashrafi. You can ask questions LIVE in the comments so that all of your meditation curiosities are addressed – instantly!  

PLUS: All attendees will receive a FREE guided meditation from Ritu, delivered to their inboxes after the episode airs!

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Why should you meditate?

It’s not only scientifically proven that at least 15 minutes of meditation daily helps to lower stress and improve sleep, but it changes brain patterns so that you remain zen to emotional stimuli, examine your true self (read: get to know who you really are) and helps to make you a more openly compassionate person.

Do you have anxiety?

A mind that won’t stop chatting? Sleep, stress, focus, attention and other productivity problems? These are just some of the areas of your life which will improve with regular stillness and mindfulness. Meditation isn’t just a fad. It’s a lifetime practice that will change your life for the better, forever. 

Take mindful action … starting now. Sign up to participate in this one-time only special event on *SAMMYD TV!

About Ritu Ashrafi


Ritu was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh to a loving and adventurous couple – her mum and dad – whose adventures took her to England for 1.5 years when she was 3 years old, to India for 4 years when she was 9 years old and to Canada to adopt as home at the age of 13. Having inherited that travel bug, she took myself to New York City at the age of 23 and lived there until she moved to London in 2011. Now she lives in Australia and works as meditation instructor while managing!

As a life coach with, she works with talented twentysomething women who are stuck in a Quarter Life Crisis; women who despite their awesome potential, aren’t progressing.

She believes that every woman, especially every woman in her 20s, has immense potential and I am determined to show her exactly what is possible for her to achieve as a twentysomething.

Ritu makes your 20s suck less, be a more productive phase of life and above all, I will make being twentysomething a happier phase and set you up for a stellar life for the rest of your 20s and beyond.


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  • Lexi

    I am so excited about this. I actually just talking to my boyfriend about us meditating. This will give me a good start and I can share the info with him 🙂


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