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Girl Connection Conference | June 13th, 2015

laquisha williams girl connection conference





sammy davis emceeing girl connection 2015



the girl connection conference in fort lauderdale, florida

Midwest E-Commerce Conference


Reinvestment Weekend | Vermont


Past Events

#speaklife Conference| May 1st & 2nd, 2015

the laticia nicole #speaklife conference

sammy davis speaking at the laticia nicole #speaklife conference


women attending the #speaklife conference
sammy davis at the #speaklife conference

Happy, Hot & Healed | February 21st, 2015

the happy hot and healed workshop at prana house yoga

At this 2-hour sisterhood circle and transformational love letter & affirmation writing workshop, I’ll guide you through a series of rockstar exercises to activate the happy, hot and HEALED woman in you and which, with these tools by your side, you’ll never forget “to leave at home again.” Learn the secrets she’s cultivated to finding strength in yourself to own your power, your worth, and your divine inner guide.


happy hot and healed by sammyd of sammydtv

Happy Hot & Healed


Plan Your Vision | March 7th, 2015

plan your vision flyer

At this 3-hour special event with myself and Teach4Life founder and career coach Timamu Wilson, you’ll learn how to authentically & strategically plan your purpose so that you SPRING FORWARD this season with actionable steps to fulfilling your vision for 2015!

This intimate workshop guarantees that you leave with the following … PLUS energy to create that can’t be bottled and sold elsewhere!


the group shot of the attendees for plan your vision

sammy davis and timamu wiilson lead plan your vision

sammyd and timamu wilson at plan your vision

attendees of Plan Your vision

The Big Hat Brunch | March 8th, 2015

photo (1)

I’ll be presenting the keynote at the BIG HAT BRUNCH organized by Lillie Ennis!

I’ll be speaking for 20-30 minutes, signing copies of LOVE YOUR LIFE! and answering questions on how to stay in the flow of fearless, fabulous and free.


Lillie Ennis is the producer of Big Hat Brunch

the big hat brunch 2015

the big hat brunch 2015

Dress to Manifest | November 13th, 2014

dress to manifest event at jill lindsey boutique

Dress to Manifest 

Thursday, November 13 

Jill Lindsey Boutique | Brooklyn, New York

Myself and authors / conscious dating experts Ariel Kiley & Simone Kornfeld of Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt  led a presentation on the art of DRESSING TO MANIFEST by making specific choices in your clothing and style to more rapidly bring to life your personal dreams and ambitions.

Event was sponsored by Mionetto Champagne and included a 45-minute presentation and Q&A session.

ACTIVATE 2014 Conference @ NY Times Center | September 20th, 2014


ACTIVATE 2014 Conference @ NY Times Center

Expert Panelist 

Saturday, September 20th | 9AM – 4PM 

ACTIVATE is an annual conference for women who wish to live their lives on FIRE.

The 3-day networking event for women is organized by famed speaker, motivator and best-selling published author Lucinda Cross!

This is the conference for you if you feel you’re not surrounded by support, you’re “doing cool things” but not getting results, and you’re looking for that spark to seriously light your dreams on fire.


I spoke on an expert panel discussing all things marketing, social media and stepping fearlessly toward your goals and dreams.

I reminded women to let go of the need to be perfect and embrace progress; to love every moment of the journey and to work on your positive energy for positive creation.

activate america conference

I absolutely LOVED my time at ACTIVATE and can’t wait for next year’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Levo League: “How to Create a Life You Love Using Tenets of the Law of Attraction” | September 2nd, 2014

levo league 2

I presented to the New York City chapter of the women’s professional networking and career mentorship organization Levo League!

Nearly 50 women learned the 7 Secrets to the law of attraction by hearing personal testimony and inspiration from myself alongside participation in multiple exercises for conscious creation and positive thinking.

Attendees left feeling more charged, confident and courageous knowing that the power of their mind, thoughts and energy can create everything they want and need in work, love and life.



 Story Camp 2.0: “Social Media & Your Story” | July 31st, 2014


The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” – Neil Gaiman

I presented “Storytelling Through Social Media: How to Share & Learn from Your Authentic & Awesome Self” thanks to the Story Camp 2.0 series facilitated by Kamau Ware Studios. 

Here I am sharing my story – to inspire you to share your own by adding value to your photo descriptions via social media.

I believe that social media is the new journal and a form of “letter writing” to your followers. It is a platform where consistently being vulnerable in our shares can help to understand who we are, why we’re here, and how to empower the world with our voice and our perspective.

Visit hash tag #storycamp to see how participants shared their stories before and after my presentation.

presenting at story camp 2.0 series

sammyd of sammydtv story camp 2.0

Startup Weekend:  Creative Genius Edition | July 25th, 2014

 Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.23.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.23.04 AM

Friday, June 25th, 2014

Startup Weekend: Creative Genius Edition for Youth in New York City

Learn about Startup Weekend Here. 


I presented on conscious consumerism and how to be sustainable through fashion to a group of 15 high school students with a passion for living their lives on purpose!

Thank you to students and facilitators for inviting me to this very special event. It is in acting locally, that we impact globally.

Tea + Purpose: Affirmation Writing Workshop | June 22nd, 2014

tea plus purpose

While sitting in the tranquil setting of the ABC Sanctuary in the East Village, I led more than 20 woman through my affirmation writing workshop, “Your Simple Shift to Peace.” 

I help women be “a witness” to their negative emotions so that via the powerful act of affirmation writing, they can shift from “feeling bad” to “feeling good.”

The exercise involves the simple tools of pen, paper and vulnerable acceptance of what negative emotions may be weighing you down.

Alongside the activity of writing affirmations, the workshop established safe grounds for participants to share what’s on their mind and trust that in sharing, they are allowing others to do the same for a container of authentic truth which when shared, heals all who hear.

My mission is to help women gain the tools to self coach themselves back to remembering their powerful, beautiful and special selves. Affirmation writing is one of the most valuable. Learn more about affirmation writing here. 

Learn more about Tea Plus Purpose and learn more about future events by signing up for their newsletter here.



Tea Plus Purpose


Secondhand Empowerment Fashion Show | June 12th, 2014

Hosted at Linda’s Consignment Shop, Fort Plain, NY