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How to Empower Women Through Social Media: EP #14 *SAMMYD TV

how to empower women through social media

Episode #14 of *SAMMYD TV got real about social media and how to use it in a positively empowering way.

Jasmin of Vintage Vandal and I dished on the negative and positive ways to spread your message and share with digital integrity. Plus, what not to share if you want to live a positive, fulfilled life … and how to “remove” the negativity from your feeds once and for all (and why you deserve to do it!).

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How to Empower Women (and Yourself!) Through Social Media: EP #14 *SAMMYD TV

photo of sammy d and jasmin of vintage vandal

3 Things I Learned (and You’ll Love Learning About)

  1. The social media you surround yourself with becomes your reality – how “high” or “low” is your feed?
  2. You do not “wait to receive” power – you decide to create it for yourself.
  3. Let go of identifying your self worth with the “#s” you have on social media. At the end of the day, it’s authentic relationships which matter.

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