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How to Feel Beautiful: The 3 P’s of Everlasting Beauty with Ekene Onu, EP #13 *SAMMYD TV


Episode #13 of  *SAMMYD TV reminded me that my strength is in remembering who I can be rather than what I can look like.

Guest and co-host Ekene Onu of Refresh with Ekene shared the 3 P’s of Sparkle on last night’s episode.

The 3 P’s of Feeling and Shining Your Beauty from Within

  1. Presence
  2. Polish
  3. Personality

In this episode of *SAMMYD TV, Ekene shares how it’s not always what you wear which makes you feel beautiful – but how you choose to feel within and radiate that light to the person before you. She shares practical tips on how to create beauty that’s everlasting, empowering and self-loving.

episode 13 of sammyd tv with ekene onu of refresh with ekene

3 Things I Learned (and You’ll Love Learning About)

  1. In the moment of being with someone, I can choose to truly be present with them.
  2. We are liked by people because they believe that we like them. 
  3. What I wear is a tool to create a connection. The resulting relationship fostered become exemplary of my true “style.”

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