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How to Let Go of the Need to Be Perfect (Podcast Interview)

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Denita Austin, a yogi and self-love advocate interviewed me about my platform for letting go of the need to be perfect and enjoy the path of progress.

This interview will offer you some insights into how I strike a balance with this virtue and live in a sense of clarity, peace and acceptance of the moment so that ultimately, progress can be our barometer of “success” through compassionate self-love. When we let go of the need to be perfect, we let go of the need to compare, to push and to self-criticize. We continue to be who we are and trust that what we are working toward is on its way.

When we let go of the need to be perfect, we are in a state of understanding who we truly are. And when we know who we truly are, we can clearly decipher and decide happiness for us.

Knowing happiness for us thus becomes our contentment, our commitment, or higher sense of self manifested in the physical world.

Thank you to Denita for allowing me to share my message – and for letting go of the need to be perfect today!

More on Denita Austin

Denita Austin is a yoga instructor and advocate for creating safe spaces for women to authentically connect and heal by accepting their love and acceptance of themselves from within.

Her site reads:

As we travel on this journey together, we can create more safe havens for women to harness self love and build confidence from within.

I firmly believe that if we have solid foundations and strong support systems we can grow exponentially and accomplish sustainable life achievements. So many of our decisions are fear based making it difficult to overcome challenges that would allow us to push through and embrace emotional and mental balance. It is paramount that we learn how to become fearless in the face of the unknown and break through the barriers that appear to stand in our way. Empower yourself to be vulnerable, to be open and allow yourself the space to explore who you really are. you may be quite surprised at who you’ve kept from yourself all this time.

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Interview Part 1: “Letting Go of the Need to Be Perfect” with Denita Austin

Interview Part 2: “Letting Go of the Need to Be Perfect” with Denita Austin

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