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8 Powerful Ways to Attract Financial Freedom Today

Law of Attraction in Action: 8 Things You Can Do This Week

Using the law of attraction to create more financial freedom in your life isn’t hard.

In fact, most of these suggestions take less than a minute to execute. The trick? Is in doing them and, in doing them, truly feeling the good vibration behind the action because you believe that you deserve whatever it is you are calling forth!

So before jumping into these 8 quick shifts for more financial freedom in your life, I ask you to close your eyes and repeat after me:

“I deserve financial freedom because financial freedom allows me to serve.” 

You are a human being of infinite power, special gifts and unique beauty. A higher power will provide all that you need because you were born to be taken care of and you were born to have the freedom to serve the planet. It is when serving that we are truly living.

This is where connection to yourself, one another and the greater purpose of the world is made. And your divine – however you wish to describe or identify – placed you on this planet for this purpose. It is your right!

Before reading and making these a regular habit in your life, recognize that there is nothing “blocking” you from financial freedom. It is here, and it is here now. These exercises simply allow you to rest in that energy of trust and surrender. You are receiving, and it is always for your highest good.

Go forth and make these changes with the intention that with increased time and resources to live without needing to work, you will direct your newfound energy toward improving and creating a better world for all.

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 xx, Sammy

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