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How Entrepreneurs Can Feel Less Stress (and More Peace): EPISODE #11 of *SAMMYD TV

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Episode #11 of *SAMMYD TV was a very special one because it dug deep into a topic near and dear to my businesswoman heart: How entrepreneurs can feel less stress, more peace and be productive, focused and happy individuals as they pursue their passions!

This episode welcomed Amy Wengreen, founder of Soul Candy Co and a woman on a mission to spread positivity with her artistry. “Soul Candies” are clay stones which have words of positivity and affirmative beliefs etched into them, usually accompanied by a small design.

The stones can be bought in sets or individually, and each one carries a personal message for someone you love that will give them a token of memory of what’s real (their infinite joy, peace, bliss!) when they are feeling low or enduring a struggle.

We can all do small things great, and sprinkling a piece of Soul Candy to the world is one more drop of divine energy made from the only energy eternally true in life: LOVE.

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Thank you to Amy for offering her words of wisdom and vulnerable strength on EPISODE #11 of *SAMMYD TV.

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