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The “Limiting Belief” Exercise

sailor moon

This is what you may be thinking … but let’s remember what you are actually doing.

Sailor Moon had many limiting beliefs. She didn’t think she was smart enough, she didn’t think she was pretty enough, she didn’t think she even had her superpowers! But the more she practiced them, the more she believed. And when those little doubts crept up when the battles got tougher, she affirmed her way back to greatness. Star power!

My Examples:

YOUR LIMITING BELIEF: I’m not where I want to be in my business.

YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I am doing everything I need to move forward in my business. In fact, I did (insert this here) this week!

_ _ _ _ _ _

YOUR LIMITING BELIEF: I’m not good enough to tackle this (insert here project).

YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I can identify what I need to learn and who I get to speak to learn. There are always resources I can turn to for help, even if I don’t know how to do it now.

_ _ _ _ _ _

YOUR LIMITING BELIEF: I don’t like my body right now. I’ve gained weight. I haven’t been sticking to my diet.

YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I know I can schedule time to work out. I can declare to my friends on Facebook I am sticking to a diet and ask for their support. I can ask a friend to check in with me over text message everyday to see if I worked out. I can make plans and stick to my plans.

_ _ _ _ _ _

YOUR LIMITING BELIEF: I’m not surrounded by support. No one wants to help me.

YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I can write a list of people who may be able to help me with this project. I may feel uncomfortable asking them, but I can tell them that I am in a tough spot. I can offer my help to them in exchange for their help. I can ask in love and authentic honesty.

_ _ _ _ _ _

YOUR LIMITING BELIEF: When I make decisions on my own, I never seem to get it right. Will I ever learn?

YOUR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I am committing to making smarter decisions starting now. I am committed to asking for advice on all big decisions in my life. I am committed to saying “no” when I feel that I shouldn’t make a decision right now. I am committed to making conscious decisions from a place of confidence and turning to those I love to help me reach this decision with confidence and support.

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