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SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogErin T, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
If you are looking to add a little light to your life, you’ve come to the right place! Sammy is not only supportive and positive about life … she’ll leave both your heart and your spirit feeling renewed. Within mere moments you’ll feel like a close friend, regardless of actual distance... And a path to a new friend is always a journey in the right direction!
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogEvan Smith, Durham, North Carolina
I met Sammy at a crucial moment when I was about to put away my business idea for good. I had too many ideas and I was having a hard time stripping away the excess. Not only did Sammy do just that, but she helped me realize that my vision was valid and good. Without her encouragement I would have taken the easy way out and quit. Her motivation and expertise are built into the foundation of my business and for that, I will forever be grateful.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogErin Buell, Palm Harbor, Florida
Sammy has the gift of sincere encouragement. She uses it by helping others believe that they can do and achieve so much more than they ever thought possible. I credit my recent success to the fact that I can dig deep and ask myself "What would Sammy say? How would Sammy bring positivity into this situation? And I know that I will always find an answer that makes everything work out amazingly!
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogEsosa Ighodaro, founder, iCosign 
Sammy makes you take an introspective look at what's your "secret sauce" (strengths) and gives you positive reinforcement to build your confidence and your attitude towards life. Simply amazing work with her both professionally and personally! She is truly a visionary!
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogMalaika Carpenter, Founder, Reinvestment Weekend
Sammy shared the gift of Affirmation Writing with my friends during the first annual Reinvestment Weekend -- a personal development retreat for budding women leaders -- that I hosted at my home. Sammy facilitated an affirmation writing workshop via Skype. She took the time to get to know each of the participants before beginning the workshop, understanding their needs and relating to their challenges. Each of the woman walked away from the exercise having written 10 of their own affirmations, and raving about Sammy's compassionate and energetic personality. She certainly put a bow on our amazing and transformational weekend. I look forward to working with her again.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogKatie K, Healer & Playfulness Coach, Play with Katie K
There's no one else as full of endless love and support as Sammy, and she is one of the most positive people I know. Her wisdom is beyond her years and her heart is always open. Knowing and working with her is life changing and I am grateful for that day we crossed paths.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogRoni Martin, West Orange, New Jersey
If I had to pick one word to describe Sammy, it would be "authentic". If I had to pick more than that, I would say simply that Sammy's love jumps right off her. I've had the joy to photograph her and what you see in pictures of her is what you experience when you meet her in person, pure joy! There's no way to come across her and not feel love radiating right off her. Sammy is the real deal.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogLaToya Evans, Charlotte, North Carolina
Even from her days in women’s magazines, Sammy was always a breath of fresh air who encouraged everyone to think outside of the box and tap into their inner power and confidence. That’s manifested itself no better than the work she does today, and I’m so happy that women everywhere will have the opportunity to get to know Sammy and even more, get to know themselves.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogKatie Lain, Bend, Oregon
I have come to look forward to reading Sammy's posts on a daily basis... Her affirmations and words of wisdom always seem to come at the perfect time and resonate deeply with me. She is not afraid to show her vulnerable side in order to help others grow. What an inspiration she is to us all as we journey on this beautiful path of life.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogMichele McGlone, Palatine Bridge, New York
Sammy lives her truth and has the gift of being able to help others live theirs. She makes you see that your unique gifts - your truth! must be shared with the world - nakedly , courageously and joyfully. Sammy will teach you to embrace your gifts, conquer your fear and gift the world with that light that you were born to shine.
SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogHannah Brechner, founder, More Love Letters

The kind of gal who isn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve (and pass it along to others), Sammy approaches her projects and clients with passion, a relentless spirit, and an inner drive that is remarkable. It has been an honor to watch her grow into a voice that lifts and empowers individuals to live more presently in the here and now. I only expect the rest of the world to fall in love too.

SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogRobyn Moreno, author, lifestyle expert & founder, Pockets of Pretty 

Sammy is one of the happiest people I know, and her abundant joy is rivaled only by her deep desire to help and inspire others. With her accessible wisdom and playful teachings, Sammy reminds you that anything is truly possible.

SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogLindsay Coco, founder, Fashion Fights Back

You cannot help but feel good about yourself when you speak and work with Sammy. She is a rockstar of love and does it all with a killer sense of style.

SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogSonya Spann, director, HTE Events

Sammy D's awesome-ness is indomitable, her energy is contagious, and the sincere levels of inspiration one feels after a conversation with her is invigorating.  Sammy D is a gem and if she can be packaged for you to take home, you should get on that!

SammyD.TV | A '60s & '70s Inspired Fashion BlogRitu Ashrafi, life coach, meditation instructor & founder of The Lifester

Sammy's energy, enthusiasm and spirit is contagious. She is who I go to when I need a boost. Keep an eye on this lady, she can change your life.