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bounce back to your briliance


I spoke to host Angel Tyree about the law of attraction, embracing the divine and manifesting a life we love through spiritual best practices rooted in trust, love and compassion for all.

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lunch and learn


I spoke about letting go of the need to be perfect and how to master being “imperfectly perfect” to create a life you love and, thanks to positive energy, use the power of the law of attraction on your behalf.

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3 steps to staying positive

Business and sales coach Jennifer Love welcomed me on an episode of J.Love TV to chat about staying positive despite the setbacks in business to celebrate the launch of LOVE YOUR LIFE!

In this awesome episode (where I’m wearing an equally awesome vintage outfit, duh!) I share 3 tangible tips you can follow to stay positive despite the setbacks.

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treasure hunting with katharyne

I interviewed with the amazing Katharyne, a professional Amazon FBA reseller and thrifter aficiando who hosts a weekly YouTube show on all things reselling, eBay/Amazon marketplace and online business sense!

Katharyne and I discussed the importance of staying positive and surrounding/creating positive energy in your life when you’re working from home.

She and I also dished about my passion for thrifting and vintage … just check out my Instagram feed, and you’ll notice the flavorful vintage outfits!

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What People Are Saying About LOVE YOUR LIFE!

sammy davis i am the love of my life

Here’s a sampling of reviews on the Amazon page of LOVE YOUR LIFE!

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Courageous, insightful & fun!!

“When you have a lamp, why would you cover it? SammyD has laid out the map to finding your own light and how to share it with the world. Her excitement is infectious, jumping right off of the page. She inspired even the laziest/most-overwhelmed (namely, me) to grab a pen and a notebook, and have an uplifting sit-and-think. Want to learn how to create a life that you love? Spend 2 hours with Sammy. It’s worth it.” — Amazon customer

Absolutely amazing, empowering

“Absolutely amazing, empowering, enlightening and life changing. Sammy truly understands how to set your mindset on the right path. Instead of asking, you do. Instead of wishing, you are. If you want to lead an abundant and prosperous life doing what you love to do and feeling happy most of the time, this book is what you are looking for. I am that I am. So true. — Taryn Landberg 

Best Self-Help Book for nurturing self-love

“The Law of Attraction will fall short unless you know the secret. Can you truly love your life today? Sammy has put together a great book that tells us how to tap into the Law of Attraction for wild manifestation.” — Carla Wynne Hall

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!!!

“I LOVE THIS BOOK! It’s just what I need to read. Something that is uplifting, empowering and insightful! I feel enlightened and ready to take on the world with a whole new mindset and level of positivity! Thank you Sammy D for such a wonderful book. It’s a blessing to be able to share your love and knowledge with the world.” — F. Staton 

I now have the tools to become the best version of myself

“Captivating, and aluring. Motivates you to wonder, am I really living to my full potential. I am excited to ecplore the secrets and possibilities that awate. I now have the tools to become the best version of myself.” — Bonni Beutner  

Nice to see a book about being positive!

“Nice to see a book about being positive and the benefits we gain with being positive on a daily basis. I really enjoyed this book!” — April W. 

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