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How to Make an “I Love Me” Vision Board for More Self Love

i love me vision board

Understanding how to show up in love for yourself and your worth is a piece of this beautiful journey on planet earth.

It shows up in different ways for all of us. We each have a path of pain which, when presented, is our exercise of faith to lovingly press on in the name of us.

Self-love is so important on our path here because it is in moments we are truly comfortable and accepting of ourselves and our needs that we can fully and authentically give anything to the person before us.

As I shared in my latest online episode with Abiola Abrams of the Sacred Goddess Bombshell University, it is when we declare who we are that we have grounds to stand in this strength within and not waver when the winds blow.

The “I Love Me” vision board is a way to declare these roots so that everyday when you wake up, you are reminded of who you truly wish to be and stand for in the name of the powerful, beautiful, special you here to serve and live in the world as a being of unconditional love.

But unconditional love is not allowing yourself to be used, abused and walked on. Unconditional love is forgiving the person for their trespasses but because you know and rest in this LOVE for yourself, you have the strength to even offer this compassion so that you are not chained to the circumstances via your own bitterness and resent.

Self-love is unconditional love so that you can remain free of this negative attachment to circumstances and people you cannot control, thereby creating a space for both of your healing to emerge. When you love yourself you know that forgiveness is true freedom, and forgiveness is true “love” for the situation before you, which in this love for you, you can bless and move on from.

Make yourself an “I LOVE ME” vision board. Wake up. Feast on your life. Be the love you wish to receive from the world. And whenever a hurricane comes raining and storming your way, know that with the love you have for you … your roots will always hold strong.

7 Steps to Make an “I Love Me” Vision Board

Step 1

sammy davis as a child

Find photos of yourself as a child. Take a photo of them, email them to yourself and then print them out in color, so you don’t damage the originals.

Step 2

Sammy Davis of SammyD.TV

Find beautiful photos of yourself. That photo of you in the hot dress; when you dyed your hair a firecracker red; the night you danced till the sun came up.

Step 3

love after love

Look up self-love poems, quotes and stories online. Find one which describes how you wish to feel about your life. Mine is called “Love After Love” by Derek Walcott. 

Step 4


Print photos of women or men who show up for themselves and the world in love. I printed a photo of Mother Teresa and Gabby Bernstein, a self help leader who helped me on my path of development in my early-mid ’20s. I also printed a photo of Sailor Moon: My favorite superhero as a child!

Step 5

i love  me

Write or print empowering phrases of self-love, such as I AM LOVE! I AM WHOLE! I AM PERFECT! I AM DIVINE! I AM COMPLETE! I AM ALWAYS 100%! Whatever resonates with you … go with it!!

Step 6

happy thoughts

Write yourself a love letter. Find out how by clicking here to read my article on self-love letters.  Tack the love letter to the board, even if its multiple pages long (like mine!)

Step 7

this lipstick affirmation is a daily positive affirmation for women from

Write affirmations, print other motivational love images, print a photo of a queen, an empress, or a woman of the divine! Whatever shows up to reflect your precious power as a being of infinite love for herself to keep those roots strong.

When we understand that the fountain of youth is the self-love we have for ourselves, we can become filled with the love of life without needing anyone, or anything else, to support how we are feeling and being.

While it is imperative that we surround ourselves with positive, uplifting people each and everyday, we can only truly understand when someone or something isn’t serving our highest and our best when we learn to love ourselves first.

I wish you the most love for you each and everyday. You deserve it. I deserve it. We deserve it.


 xx, Sammy

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