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Spark Sessions

Connect with Sammy D for one-on-one video or phone sessions to “unstuck” the passion, priorities and plan behind your entrepreneurial platform. You’ll leave your session feeling focused and motivated to jump feet first into an action list developed personally for you and your business by Sammy D herself.

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Product Description

One part motivational pow-wow, one part serious mentoring. These sessions will motivate your entrepreneurial and personal passions to a place of WOW! and “yes I can!” levels. Specifically for fledging or new online business owners, happy hobbyists or just stuck-in-a-rut sisters: these sessions will ignite your spark and help you get the power behind your passions back.

Get Your Spark Back!

CLICK TO TWEET: “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

Ask any of my college peers about the signature in my email, and they’d tell you about that quotation. It’s the quotation that’s guided me my entire life. I learned at a young age that I was powerful enough to create whatever I wanted in the world. Thanks to the influences of a father who ran a third-generation family business and a mother who pounded on doors to create a career in banking during the 1970s, I was taught that the world was my oyster if I focused and worked hard.

And this is the secret sauce of success that I’m here to pass on to you.

Do you want to feel bursting with boundless opportunity, creator of your business, of your life, of dreams come true?

Then it’s about time you booked a Spark Session!

So What’s a Spark Session?

Spark Sessions are one-on-one conversations, with a creative mentoring and coaching component and a big dash of motivation. These sessions are specifically designed for fledging or new online business owners, happy hobbyists or just stuck-in-a-rut sisters who want a plan of action that puts the “spark” back into their step so that they can confidently take steps forward toward their dreams again.

Have too many passions and can’t choose one? Don’t have one passion that stands out as your personal mission? Honey, you’ve come to the right place! Spark Sessions are a great match for anyone who wants a coaching session on finding their “unknown” passions and recognizing how to make time to let their creative spirit fly. Through the hard questions, you’ll realize that pursuing your passions is truly a journey, and one that is a helluva lot of fun!

You and I meet either via phone (Clarity) or video chat (Popexpert) for one solid hour plus spare change because yes, we often get ridiculously real and spend extra fun time planning your passions.

Before we get on the phone, you’ll answer a series of questions updating me on just where your passions, business or hobbies lie. I’ll dig deep into your vision and whatever you’ve developed already.

We’ll enter the Spark Session with a game plan of motivational conversation, priority setting and game plan mapping that’ll have you wanting to call your parents and say, “thank YOU for bringing me into this world!”

No, seriously. I do it almost every single day and it’s the best thing your mother / father / any member of your family will ever hear.

You don’t leave a session without feeling more opportunistic, optimistic and in the driver’s seat of the passionate, purposeful journey you were born to be on.

Are You a Spark Setter?

Spark Sessions are perfect for women who:

  • Feel stuck-in-a-rut when it comes to anything in life. Often times it’s entrepreneurial related, but perhaps its at work, school or dating. Whatever has you feeling passionless – you get to spark it up, because life is now.
  • Launched an online brand / business / hobby but find themselves actionless and ambitionless. The wheels were moving hard and fast at first, but you’ve since stopped. So what gives? We figure out how to get those wheels unstuck and excitedly moving toward your goals again.
  • Wish to reshape their personal brands – online and offline.
  • Want to re-prioritize the action steps behind their business / passion / life plan. Is the same thing not working? Don’t be insane – do something different and spark it up.
  • Have a passion or business idea they need clarity on. Where’s your focus, and what steps come first?
  • Need a life booty kicking / compassionate cheerleader / motivational mama standing behind their dreams!

Spark Session rates:

$125 / one 60-minute spark session

$250/ two 60-minute sessions + two check-ins

(we’ll define together what a check-in should be for you, whatever proportion it takes!)

All Spark Sessions include my “find your spark” exercise as pre-work before our conversation, a unique combination of reflection, assessment, and self-discovery. I bet you’ll learn even more from completing the exercise than I will reviewing your answers!


Spark Session participants will receive an exclusive invitation to the private Spark Sisters community page, a group of amazing, powerful, beautiful women who support each other on the daily.

Are you ready to set yourself on fire?!


Interested? I can’t wait to *spark it up* with you!

Are you interested in booking a Spark Session? Please send me an inquiry, and you’ll hear back very shortly!