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VIDEO: How to Attract Love That Lasts with Katie K

Attract Love That Lasts

 We created more love for ourselves by remembering just how much TO LOVE OURSELVES!!!

Katie K and I had a candid conversation about just what it means to attract love that lasts. Spoiler alert? It’s not about what you expect to receive … but what you decide to be that matters most when it comes to the power of attraction rooted in authenticity and powerful partnership.

The two exercises play coach and happiness healer Katie K of Play with Katie K shared help reveal a.) how does this person make you feel, treat you, and show up in your life? 11 powerful questions for powerful manifestation and awareness of what you truly want so you can let go of what doesn’t serve you and keep space for what will! b.) a meditative, relaxing and imaginative space where you could truly feel the presence of this person in your life.

Pull out a notebook and Sharpie pen and click the video above to watch Katie K and I not only share how you can attract love that lasts in your life, but how you can passionately learn to love yourself more fully and authentically in the process of attracting “the one.”

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Viewers who tuned in LIVE were able to participate and ask questions in the comments — which was awesome!!

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