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VIDEO: How to Discover Your Passions in Life! 2 Exercises for LIVING YOUR DANCE!

how to live your passions google hangout

 We boogied! We woogied! We twisted and we shouted! WE DANCED!!

Molly and I had on tonight’s Google Hangout LIVE on Living Your Dance! 

This third episode of *SAMMYD TV is my favorite so far because it really drove home the point that at any moment in our lives, we get to examine what we are doing, what we are desiring, and how we are feeling to help determine the next actions we wish to take.

The two exercises multi-passionate entrepreneur Molly King of shared help reveal a.) If you’re living your passions “to the max” and b.) What passions you may have yet to uncover in your subsconsiousness.

Pull out a notebook and Sharpie pen and click the video above to watch Molly and I not only rock out our own dance to my favorite soundtrack of ALL TIME (hint: it has the word “Jock” in it), but inspire + motivate you to take a good look at your life and ask yourself,

“Are there some more dance moves I can get down to on this dance floor called life?”

Viewers who tuned in LIVE were able to participate and ask questions in the comments — which was awesome!!

Nicole shared that she has interest in food + wine but isn’t sure how to manifest those passions into a job opportunity. Molly suggested she look into the “why” behind food + wine versus the “how.” She told Nicole to journal behind “why she is so attracted to food + wine and how it makes her feel.”

Nicole went journaling (see below!) and what did she find? That she prefers the food part!

Peek Below: Nicole’s Food + Wine Journal!

food and wine journaling

Thank you to everyone who tuned in LIVE and who is catching the episode now!

Next week’s episode features play coach + healer Katie K! Check back here for more details on the fourth episode of *SammyD TV on 4.28.14 at 5PM PST | 8PM EST!

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  • Meg

    I wish I’d had you guys around when I was in my late teens and twenties. Such a great message and such a great thing you’re doing. This should be required reading/viewing in dorms everywhere! Never too late to follow your dreams!


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