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Vision Board Making Extravaganza! How to Consciously Create Through Your Good Feelings

vision board making party abiola abrams

Vision Boards on Max! Visionary Board Party 2015 with Abiola & Friends

America’s self-love goddess bombshell ABIOLA ABRAMS invited me to partake in an amazing Google Hangout LIVE of high vibration, conscious creation and manifesting miracles!

Myself and other ladies of leadership tapped into our higher power to share our secrets of vision board making with you.

I share how to truly create a LIFE YOU LOVE!, you must first work on your energy within. It is more important to understand that your way of being is truly what attracts everything you need to take the right action toward your goals, hopes, dreams and worthy desires fulfilled!

Fast forward to about the 1:12 minute mark to hear what I share about FEELING LIKE YOU DESERVE IT because you are a child!

Here’s what I wore for the hangout, which was a PJ celebration of sisterhood between myself and these lovely ladies!

sammy davis

Sammy Davis of SammyD.TV

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A vision board making party with self love leader Abiola Abrams

Learn Abiola’s Secret Formula to Vision Board Making!

I loved what Abiola had to say about vision board making using images from your past, present and future. She suggests that to truly feel the vibration of 100 percent potential, we must also turn to our successes in the past to understand we are already confidently stepping toward and attracted to the direction of our dreams fulfilled!

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 xx, Sammy

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