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How to Make a Vision Board (and Why You Need One … STAT!): EPISODE #12 *SAMMYD TV

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Vision boards are powerful tools for goal setting and manifestation making. Napoleon Hill famously said: “Plan your plan and work your plan.”

And that’s exactly why vision boards are so powerful: They are your visual plan to what you wish to focus on for the year, half year or seasonal increments.

In this episode of *SAMMYD TV you’ll learn why you should make vision boards and how I suggest you make them. I’ll share my history of vision boards, how they worked for me and my friends, and how I suggest you make one to set intentions and take action rooted in faith for the rest of your powerful, beautiful and special 2014.

What You Need to Make a Vision Board

  •  Scissors
  • Rubber cement (key! not glue! use rubber cement!)
  • Magazines representing various disciples (read: don’t just use fashion magazines … you won’t find variety to represent your Circle of Life – shown below)
  • Extra large posterboard (as if you were presenting at a science fair)
  • Good tunes. Positive tunes! Happy harmony!
  • Girlfriends and boyfriends – if you want to turn it into a 3-4 hour vision board making party and then have an audience to “state your vision” to at the end

Referenced in the Episode: The Circle of Life Diagram

circle of life


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