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What to Remove from Your Closet to Create Space for Success


Take a moment to visualize your closet. Add in your set of drawers and the storage boxes with your seasonal clothes. See it piece-by-piece and then visualize it all in a pile on the floor in one giant room.

The pile is nearly to the ceiling. You have no idea what’s below the first layer. You find one shoe but can’t find another. You see a necklace but where the heck are the matching earrings? This is like finding a needle in a haystack!

How are you feeling right now? Probably slightly amused but perhaps, slightly overwhelmed. Well, welcome to your closet!

No wonder women are always complaining about not knowing “what to wear.” Because you’re actually suffering from the reverse: You have too much to wear!

When you have a menu of so many options, you tend to default to the tried and true. Like when you’re at a diner: 5 pages of choices is daunting, so heck, you just get the traditional scrambled eggs and a glass of OJ.

This is how we ladies pick our outfits! You have too much to wear so you end up wearing the same things over and over again. Despite wanting to “transform” your style, you find yourself staying true to what is easy, safe, and within reach.

To set yourself up for style success, create space in your closet for space in your life.

Want to feel better about who you are simply by eliminating boring (or toxic) style from your closet? Keep reading for an easy guide of 10 things to give away or donate to your local thrift shop. After following these steps, you’ll have a decluttered wardrobe with just the right pieces for success, available at your fingertips!

1.) Clothing gifts you’ve been keeping (but not wearing) out of obligation.

Is your closet full of gifted pieces of fashion that you wore once out of obligation? That sweater from your grandmother in 2004, the drab black blazer your mom grabbed on sale at TJ Maxx, a necklace from your college BFF that’s a little too boho for your taste.

If you’ve been holding on to it, time to reconsider. There are so many other ways to show your love and appreciation than wearing the obligatory ugly sweater to Thanksgiving dinner!

2.) Anything you wore in high school.

Actually scratch that … EVERYTHING you wore in high school. Who were you in high school? How were you showing up for yourself, your peers and your life? Yes, you were a superstarintraining but you were also growing into your shoes and finding your way in the world. The energy behind your clothing choices does not match the strong, feminine and focused power of your life today.

Do you want to maintain the energy of a young woman in your closet, or do you want to anchor your awesomeness in a wardrobe that reflects your mature grace?

3.) Designs with negative, demeaning, uninspiring language or illustrations.

Ever buy something because it had attitude? It could have been a funky hat that says “Ain’t No Doormat,” a necklace with “Queen Bitch” or a pair of shorts with “CAN’T TOUCH THIS” on the back.

The best actresses, speakers, and leaders, don’t walk around wearing T-shirts that declare their power. They are their power, and they act it they don’t have to “show” it.

Take a stand for WHO you are already by eliminating the clothing that may declare insecurity behind what you wish to be.

4.) 75% of your clothes that “don’t fit.”

Even if you’re trying to “lose weight,” you shouldn’t keep all of your skinny clothes. Let’s be real here: if you’re keeping your “skinny clothes,” that means you are currently wearing your “I’m-not-the-weight-I-want-to-be clothes.” And by wearing these clothes, you’re not dressing gorgeously, the way you wish to dress when you lose weight.

Lose the skinny clothes. (Okay, fine, you’re allowed to keep 25% for transition.)

Rather than waiting to feel proud about your body, you get to feel proud right now. Life is urgent. You are not going to be a better person in 6 weeks when P25’s results really kick in. No. You are beauty now, and you get to show up to the world with that confidence and it begins with your wardrobe.

5.) Everything you’ve ever second guessed wearing.

Did you put it on, look in the mirror and then immediately take it off? Time to take it off in a different way… and out of your closet and life! Owning possessions that don’t make you happy can be a reflection of doing things that don’t make you happy, either.

Keeping the “soso” style is declaring that you’re satisfied with maintaining subpar relations in your life be it with your clothes or friends, family, partner, etc. Elevate your style so that every single piece is one you could never part with, and you’ll begin to see how that reflects positively in your relationships, too.

6.) Costume jewelry that really feels like it’s for a costume.

If you’ve loaned it out for costume parties in the past, it counts. Can’t part with the stock pile of corny jewelry that gets you stylist cred? Put it away in a drawer that you only open once or twice a year. Trust me, your jewelry box (and finer pieces of jewelry) will respect you for it.

7.) Anything with a tear, a hole, a snag, too many pills.

I know that you can fix it. I know that you can get it tailored. I know that you can hem it. BUT HAVE YOU DONE IT is the question? If you’ve delayed, then you’re done. Let go of the possessions that stress you because you feel obligated to fix them. Make room for what serves you now, and not what “might” serve you with extra elbow grease in the future.

8.) Event T-shirts that you’ve worn once, and may never wear again.

The 10K run you ran last year was a huge accomplishment. But have you worn the tshirt (with 30 sponsor logos on the back) since then? You have cuter workout gear that you can feel great wearing, then wash and wear again. The event Tshirts are for gardening, art projects, or rags.

9.) Anything that makes you feel self conscious about your body.

Does that corset top create a muffin top? Are your boobs popping out of that sundress? Could that little black dress be cut a little bit more flattering for your figure? Toss it.

When we are attached to what doesn’t serve us stylistically, it shows up in other areas of our lives. Begin the commitment to only owning what makes us feel our best, and we’ll begin to make commitments to people, activities and opportunities which do the same in all other areas of our lives.

10.) Doubles, triples, quadruples ….

… I’m guilty as charged!I own 5 black skirts. Do I need 5 black skirts? Perhaps if I was a lawyer. Am I a lawyer? No! 

Eliminating the multiples clears space so that you can see what you own. It also helps you to see the recurring patterns in your wardrobe. Are you buying multiple black skirts because you’re afraid to step into a colored skirt? Are you buying T-shirt after T-shirt because you aren’t holding yourself to the worthiness of dressing like a sophisticated lady?

Patterns are evidence. Identify what your fashion patterns are and then examine how that pattern may represent a style shift you get to make to expand, grow, change and evolve with higher fashion consciousness that’s fresh, fun and most importantly: organized!

What do you have in your closet that you get to toss? When was the last time you did a massive closet clean-out? Let me know in the comments! 


  • Glennice Flynn

    wow…this really hit home!! I have so many clothes that have never been worn. I try them on and they just are not “right”. But I hate to just toss them. Is it difficult to find a second hand shop that would buy them?
    You ROCK Sammy!!

    • Sammy Davis

      hi Glennice! So sorry for the delayed reply. So happy you reflected on your own wardrobe thanks to the inspiration of this post! Seriously, I have to reflect ALL OF THE TIME! It’s a constant battle between “want and need.” Any advice? Are you donating anytime soon?


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